The 19th Season of Meetings at the



The first meeting of the 2018 season is on

13th October 2018

Welcome to anyone interested in History of Medicine.

For further information please email John Richardson


The talks at the first meeting on 13th October are exceptional.

The first,a paired talk, by an uncle and nephew about a grandfather and grandson, two remarkable Indian doctors.

“The Shampooing Surgeon of Brighton”


Frederick Horacio Akbar Mohomed, the first person to describe Essential Hypertension

The second a talk by our Deputy Chairman, Dominic Hodgson

Chichester’s John Wickham  (1927-2017),

“The Godfather of Robotic Surgery”


The West Sussex History of Medicine Society (WSHOMS) was founded in 1999 and is a very active provincial medical society.  (See “History of Wshoms”)   It is run in conjunction with Chichester Medical Education Centre (CMEC) at St Richard’s Hospital Chichester.

In 2012 WSHOMS incorporated the dormant Chichester Clinical Society (CCS) which had not held meetings since 1998.  It was the last meeting on “Benjamin Franklin and the bones of 36 Craven Street” in 1998 that was the inspiration for the formation of WSHOMS. (See “Chichester Clinical Society”).

Its principle activity is a series of Saturday morning Autumn lectures which are regularly attended by audiences of 30-45 people.  These consist of active doctors, nurses and other health professionals, retired members of the medical and dental professions, medical students and occasionally by school leavers interested in learning about the history of medicine in preparation for applying to medical school.

There are no dues and fees for WSHOMS members just a mailing list notifying members of the lectures and activities.  There is a voluntary donation of £5  to attend each meeting and this is to cover the cost of room hire etc. There will be a box for donations towards the beverages and biscuits,  We pay for the hire of the facilities of CMEC, which is an educational charity.  Students and St Richard’s Hospital Staff can attend free

The lecturers consist of members of the medical profession and historians of medicine with national or international reputations as being experts in their fields of study.  However WSHOMS members with research or special interests are encouraged to volunteer to speak.  (See “Past Programmes” ).

WSHOMS is run by a Committee, many of whom have the Diploma of the History of Medicine of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London, the DHMSA.  (See “Committee Members” page ).

The West Sussex History Of Medicine Society it is run in conjunction with CMEC at St Richards Hospital.