Past Programmes

2019 Autumn Programme

Saturday 12th October

1.The Contagious Diseases Acts; Protection, Prejuduce and Punishment “



2.  Masturbation and mass delusion- the story of Spermatorrhea?

Mr Dominic Hodgson MSc MEd FRCS(Urol) DHMSA


Saturday 26th October

1.Celebrating the centenary of the birth of Godfrey Hounsfield – Intuitive genius of CT”

Mrs Elizabeth Beckman BSc(Eng) FBIR

2. Forensic DNA Fingerprinting”  

Professor Peter Goldfarb BSc PhD FRCPath FBTS​​


Saturday 9th November

1.  Great Losses of the Great War.”      Mr John Reynard DM MA LLM FRCS(urol), Major RAMC


2.  The “Spanish” Influenza Pandemic 1916-1919 Dr Jane Orr MBBS DHMSA

​​                                                                       =                                                             

Saturday 23th November

1.”Seafarers and Scurvy, the local connections”

 Professor Duncan Colin-Jones MD FRCP(London)              


2.  Assigned and Appoyntyd: Surgeons in HenryVIII’s Army by Sea

 Diane Budden MSc DHMSA DCRM


Saturday 7th December  


1.”Curiosities and Cures: The Medical Collection at the Science Museum”  Natasha McEnroe MA


2.  WSHOMS Christmas Quiz Chairman and Deputy Chairman


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2018 Autumn Programme

Saturday 13th October

1a.Sake Dean Mahomet, Shampooing Surgeon to George IV”                         David Beevers MA FSA

1b. “Frederick Henry Horatio Akhbar Mohomed of Guy’s Hospital, the first to describe essential hypertension.                         Professor Gareth Beevers MD FRCP FBHS

2.  Chichester’s John Wickham(1927-2017) – The Godfather of Robotic Surgery”  

Mr Dominic Hodgson DHMSA MScMed FRCS(Urol)

Saturday 27th October

1.Hospital Ships, Past and Present, Do They Have a Future?”

Surgeon Rear Admiral Mike Farquhason-Roberts CBE PhD MA FRCS

2. Royal Hospital Haslar.”

Eric C. Birbeck MVO MSM

Saturday 10th November

1.  “Death and Disease at Norman Cross Prison: The Health of  Prisoners of War 1797-1814.”  

Paul Chamberlain FIBMS FINS

2.  The Lady of the Black Horse, Mabel Stoddart”

​​           Dr Peter Down MB BS FRCP DHMSA                                                                                                                          

Saturday 24th November

1.  “The Polio Story                Dr Tim Mason BSc MSc PhD                                                                                    

2.  Crusade to Visual Aid, The St John Eye Hospitals Jerusalem and Palestine”

 Surgeon Captain James Walsh KStJ RD RNR

Saturday 8th December  

     The Fifth Brian Owen Smith Memorial Lecture

1.Nurse Edith Cavell, An Example of Persistence, Professionalism and a Global Inspiration

Professor John Richardson MA FRCGP FFOM(RCPI)​​  

2.  Open session to discuss the future of the WSHOMS and suggestions for future speakers.

Dr Adam Stone Chairman and Mr Dominic Hodgson Deputy Chairman


2017 Autumn Programme

Saturday 14th October
1.The Fourth Dr Brian Owen-Smith Memorial Lecture
‘“James Parkinson” Professor Ken Shaw MA MD FRCP

2. “Keats and Medicine, an exploration of the relationship”
Professor Sean Hughes MS FRCSEd(Ortho) FRCS FRCSI DHMSA

Saturday 28th October

1.“Franklinism, Galvanism and Mesmerism: Electricity and Magnetism in Medicine” Dr Nicholas Cambridge MD MRCS FSA FLS FRSA

2. “Dr John Paulley (1918-2007), a distinctive and distinguished physician.”

Saturday 11th November

1.“The life, work and legacy of Professor Dr Nicholai Pirogov”
Major-General (Ret’d) Mungo Melvin CB OBE
2. “Facial reconstruction in Italy in WW1 ”
Miss Emily Stone

Saturday 25th November

1. “The Plague: 2000BC to 2000AD” Dr Tim Mason BSc MSc PhD

2. “Medicinal therapy: the odyssey from pre-history to the present-day”
Dr Peter Bennett MD FRCP DHMSA

Saturday 9th December

1. ”President Roosevelt’s stroke, causes, consequences and conspiracies.”
Professor Gareth Beevers MD FRCP FBHS

2. “A short history of Quality in the NHS”
Dr Charles Shaw PhD MB BS FHSM FHPM

2016  Autumn Programme

The Third Dr Brian Owen-Smith Memorial Lecture
‘“Not Quite Haslar”– The Forgotten Story of Medical Provision in 19th Century Portsmouth’

2. “King Edward VII Hospital Midhurst, One of the lost hospitals of West Sussex”

Dr Marjorie Semmens MD DCH

Saturday 22nd October 2016

1. “Egyptian Ophthalmia and the Rise of Ophthalmology” Mr Graham Kyle MB ChB MSc LLM FRCSEd FRCOphth DHMSA

2. “Sir Michael Woodruff, Japanese PoW, Transplantation surgeon, Immunological opposition to tumours and developments since his death.”

Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

Saturday 5th November 2016

1. “Graylingwell War Hospital, 1915-19” Katherine Slay, Archives Assistant, West Sussex Record Office

2. “The Nurse of the Mediterranean: Malta in WW1” Colonel David Vassallo FRCSEd DHMSA L/RAMC

Saturday 19th November 2016

1. “Dr John Forbes of Chichester and his Medical Friends” Dr John Wilmot MA MSc MB ChB FRCGP

2. “Dentistry of 18th &19th Century as seen through Cartoons” Tony Druttman BSc(Chem Eng) BChD MSc

Saturday 3rd December 2016

1. “Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Innoculation” Dr Simon Chaplin PhD FDSRCS

2. “Benjamin Jesty: A Bicentenary Review” Patrick Pead MSc FIBMS FHA


2015 Autumn Programme 

10 October

1a. “Orthopaedic Surgery, has it a history?”
Professor Sean Hughes MS FRCS Ed(Orth) FRCS FRCSI DHMSA

1b. “How Illness in World Leaders has Affected History”.

24 October
2a. “A very unromantic disease: Tuberculous lives from Smollet to Orwell”.
Dr Helen J Bynum BSc MSc PhD

2b. “Darwin and the Doctors”
Dr William F Bynum MD PhD FRCP

7 November
3a. “Wounded – The Long Journey Home from the Great War”.
Dr Emily Mayhew MSc PhD

3b. “Veiled Warriors: Allied Nurses of the First World War”
Prof Christine Hallett PhD(Nursing), PhD(History), RGN FRSM FRSA

21 November
4a. “Archbishops, East India Company & Public Health: Life as a busy Victorian GP” Dr Nicholas Cambridge MD MRCS FSA FLS FRSA

4b. “Sir Henry Wellcome”
Prof Tilli Tansey OBE PhD PhD DSc FMedSci FRCP

5 December
5a. The Brian Owen-Smith Memorial Lecture
“East to West and Back: Nasal Tales

5b. “Jeanne Beaudon, Chorea, Cabaret Star, Lautrec’s Muse”.
Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

2014 Autumn Programme

Saturday 11 October 2014

The Dr Brian Owen-Smith Memorial Lecture

“Medicine, Science and Philanthropy: Fothergill, Lettsom, Priestley, Franklin and their circle”

Dr Nicholas Cambridge MD FSA FLS FRSA.

“Scrofula, Gout and Dropsy: Dr Samuel Johnson and his Physicians.”

Dr Nicholas Cambridge MD FSA FLS FRS A.

Saturday 25th October 2014

“Healing Rituals in the late Victorian Countryside”

Julie Wakefield

“Syphilis and War – the necessary requirement for an epidemic”


Saturday 8th November 2014

“Ronald Ross and Malaria”


“David Bruce and Brucellosis”

Colonel David Vassallo FRCS DHMSA L/RAMC

Saturday 22nd November 2014

“George Stubbs, the Hunter Brothers, and a Yorkshire Cure for Cough”

Dr Ann Ferguson FRCA DHMSA

“Jean-Martin Charcot: a modern European”

Mr Ian Stephen FRCS

Saturday 6th December 2014

“The Hospitaller Knights of St John”

Mrs Sue Weir RGN DHMSA

“Marfan – The Man and his Syndrome”

Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP


2013 Autumn Programme

Saturday 12th October 2013

1.  “A Glass of Wine before Visiting the Sick: the Clinical Sense of James Lind  (Physician 1758-1783)”   Professor Ken Shaw MA MD FRCP

2.  “Beethoven: His Life and His Music” Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP


Saturday 26th October 2013

1.  “The Study of Human Movement” Professor Mike Whittle MB BS BSc MSc PhD

2.  “Dracula, Doctors and Diagnosis” Dr Fiona Subotsky MA FRCPsych


Saturday 9th November 2013

1.  “World War 1 and the Birth of Maxillo-Facial Surgery” Col Michael Williams FDSRCPS FRCS FRCS(OFMS) L/RAMC

2.  “Did the President of the Royal College of Physicians Help Churchill Win the War?” Dr Anthony Eisinger FRCP


Saturday 23rd November 2013

1.  “Neuropsychiatry in Babylon” Dr Edward Reynolds MD FRCP FRCPsych

2.  “A Century of British Military Neuro-surgery” Mr Peter Stanworth   OBE TD MA FRCS


Saturday 7th  December 2013

1.  “St Wilfrids Hospice – The dream of 1980 to the reality of 2013” Dr CJT Bateman MA BM FRCP

2.  “From the Slaughter House of Blood to Mr Pickwick:  Charles Dickens and Medicine” Dr Nicholas  Cambridge MD MRCS FSA FLS FRSA


2012 Autumn Programme 


Saturday 13th October

 1. “Botany and Empire: Materia Medica in the 19th Century” Dr Mark Nesbitt PhD FLS

2. “The History of Tonsillectomy: Henry Cline & Sir Astley Cooper at St Thomas’s Hospital” Dr John Sedgewick MA FRCGP DHMSA


Saturday 27th October


1. “The Northern Leper and Dr Hansen”  Dr John Ford MD FRCGP DHMSA

2. “Benjamin Franklin and Medicine”  Dr Brian Owen-Smith FRCP DHMSA


Saturday 10th November


1. “Dr William Cuming, MD FRCPE, 18th Century Dorchester Physician” Dr Peter Down MB BS FRCP DHMSA

2. “Infection Control in Warfare” Surg Lt-Cdr A Matheson BSc(Hons) MB BS


Saturday 24th November


1. “Palaeopathology and Medicine in Ancient Egypt” Professor Rosalie David OBE BA PhD FRSA

2. “The Most Kissed Woman in the World” Dr David Wilkinson MB BS FRCA HonFRCARCSI


Saturday 8th December


1. “Kinnier Wilson (1878-1937) and his film of patients with movement disordersmade at Queen Square in the mid-1920s” Dr Edward Reynolds MD FRCP FRCPsych

2. “Artists’s Eyes: Oscar Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh” Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP



2011 Autumn Programme


Saturday 8th October

1. “Nicholas Culpepper: London’s First General Practitioner” Professor Michael Farthing MD DSc FRCP FMedSci

2. “Victorian General Practice: John Gorman 1814-1899” Dr John Ford MD FRCGP DHMSA


Saturday 22rd October

1. “The Early Centuries of Paediatrics and Child Health” Professor John Walker-Smith MD BS (Sydney) FRCP(Ed & Lond) FRACP FRCPCH

2. “A Life in Anatomy: Learning, Using and Teaching Anatomy” Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG


Saturday 5th November

1. “Corsets to Combat: Women in the Army Medical Services from the Civil War to Afghanistan”  Capt (retd) Peter Starling MA DHMSA FRHistS 

2. “Facial Injuries at QM Hospital Sidcup in WW1”  Dr Andrew Bamji FRCP


Saturday 19th November

1. “The Development of Audiovestibular Medicine” Dr Peter West MA MSc FRCP FRCS

2. “Skylab(1973-4): Science and Medicine in Space” Professor Mike Whittle BSc MB BS MSc PhD


Saturday 3rd December

1. “Not at the cutting edge: British women in surgery 1873-1939”. Dr Jennian Geddes MA FRCPath

2. “Fredyryc-Francois Chopin 1810-1849: Music and Malady” Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP


 2010 Autumn Programme

Saturday 9th October

1. “The Notorious Case of Polonium Poisoning”  Dr Jim Down FRCA EDIC

2. “King George III’s Malady: Re-evaluation of the Porphyria Diagnosis and the Implications” Professor Timothy Peters PhD DSc FRCP FRCPath FRSA


Saturday 23rd October

1“The Birmingham Hospitals”  Dr Jonathan Reinarz PhD

2“ The History of the Royal West Sussex Hospital”  Mr Martin Cooke BA MPhil DipIHSA


Saturday 6th November

“George Guthrie – Soldier and Pioneer Surgeon” Mr Raymond Hurt FRCS DHMSA

“Mud, Blood and Gas: Trench Warfare in WW1 through the Eyes of Artists”  Dr John Sedgwick MA FRCGP DHMSA


Saturday 20th November

“The Discovery of the Double Helix and the Beginning of the Biological Revolution” Dr Brian Owen-Smith MA FRCP DHMSA

“The Dying Keats: A Case for Euthenasia” Professor Brian Livesley MD FRCP


Saturday 4th December

“Florence Nightingale” Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

“Royal Operations” Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG


2009 Autumn Programme

Saturday 3rd October

“Hess; Was he Rudolf or was he not?”  Brigadier (Retd) Ronald Smart OStJ BDS FDS DOrthRCS

“Moveability at Will: Eighteenth-Century Portable Hospitals” Dr Eric Gruber von Arni RRC PhD FRHistS


Saturday 17th October

“The Establishment of the Army Medical School and Services after the Crimean War” Captain (Retd)PH Starling DHMSA FRHistS

“Leuwenhoek and the Birth of Microscopy”.  Professor Brian Ford FIBiol CBiol FLS


Saturday 31st October

“The History of Artificial Kidney Treatment”  Dr Frank Marsh FRCP

“John Langdon Down & Down’s Syndrome” Professor Conor Ward MD FRCPI FRCP(Glas) FRCP PhD(Med Hist)


Saturday 14th November

“Sir Joseph Fayrer and the Anglo-Indian Cholera Policy in the late 19th Century”  Dr Henry Connor MB BChir MD FRCP

“Henri Marie Raymond Toulouse Lautrec Montfa – Artistic Genius and Medical Curiosity”  Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP


Saturday 28th November

“Dr Alexander Gordon & Puerperal Fever – a medical detective story”  Dr Peter Bennett MD FRCP DHMSA

“Murder by Curare”   Dr Ann Ferguson FRCA DHMSA


2008 Autumn Programme 

Saturday 4th October

“19th Century Medical Politics and the origins of the Herefordshire Medical Association”

“Mediaeval Uroscopy and its representation on Misericords” both by   Dr Henry Connor MB BChir MD FRCP

 Saturday 18th October

“The Dark Ages of Pharmacology”  Dr Raymond Greenlees MB BChir DObstRCOG

“The First Vaccinator’s Portrait”  Patrick J Pead MSc MIBiol FIBMS

Saturday 1st November

 “The Indian Military Hospitals & the Royal Pavilion Brighton 1914-15”   Louise Hume MA

“First Day of the Somme – a Surgical Catastrophe”   Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG

 Saturday 15th November 

“Britain’s First Medical Marriage – The Welsh Woman, the Scotsman and the Mysterious Elsie”

“Public Statues of Medical Doctors” both by  Professor Neil McIntyre

Saturday 29th November

“Louis Pasteur: A Scientist among Doctors”   Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

 “Writ in Water – Identity and the Dentist – Dark ages to the present day”.  Mr RD Foden BDS LDS RCS DipFOdont RFP


2007 Autumn Programme 

Saturday  29th September 2007

“Dr David Daniel Davis, Physician Accoucheur – 1777-1841” Dr Barbara Ely MB BS DHMSA

“The History of the Hospice Movement”  Rev. Christine Gardiner SRN

Saturday 13th October 2007

“The Plague of Athens 430-427BC”   Professor Robert Arnott BA MA FRHistS

“Military militants: suffragists and the Endell Street Hospital” 1915-19  Jennian Geddes FRCPath MA

Saturday 27th October 2007

“History of Joint Replacement”   Mr James Antrobus MB BS FRCS

“Marcus Aurelius” Dr Robert Richardson BM Bch LMSSA

Saturday 10th November 2007

“Mistaken Gallantry – The Medical Victoria Crosses”  Capt (Retd) Peter Starling DHMSA FRSH

“The History of Military Dentistry”  Air Commodore Freddie Hulm BDS

Saturday 24th November 2007

“Professor Hans Krebs – Pioneer of Modern Medicine”  Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

“Surgical Firsts”  Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG


2006 Autumn Programme 

Saturday 30th September 2006

Haslemere Natural History Educational Museum.

“Celebration of Dr Johnathan Hutchinson” by  Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG and Professor Robert Jackson MD Ontario Canada.

Saturday 14th October 2006v

“Vaccination Rediscovered”

“Self-publishing your history project”  Patrick Pead MSc MIViol FIBMS

Saturday 28th October 2006

“Leeches”  Dr Mary R. Medhurst MB ChB

“Maggots”  Mr Andrew Jarvis MB BChir FRCS

Saturday 11th November 2006

“War and Medicine”

“Experience of conflicts and the humans dimension of deployments” Major-General Alan Hawley OBE DHMSA DGAMS

Saturday 25TH November 2006

“The Anatomist and Art, The Artist and Anatomy”  Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG

“George B Gordon: His Life and Medical Problems”  Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP


2005 Autumn Programme

Saturday 1st October 2005

“Napoleon’s Post mortem or The Rehabilitation of Francesco Antommarchi”  Dr Robert Richardson BM BCh LMSSA

“Scurvy – How to research a topic, and exercise in research”  Hilary S Morris MA DHMA FRSM

Saturday 15th October 2005

“Surgery at the Battle of Trafalgar: British and French Experiences” Surgeon-Vice Admiral (Retd) Sir James Watt KBE MS FRCP FRCS FSA

Saturday 29th October 2006

“A History of Cardio-Thorasic Surgery” Dr Raymond Hurt FRCS DHMSA

“Michael Woodruff – The first successful UK renal transplant” Dr Winston Leigh BA MB ChB MRCGP

Saturday 12th November 2005

“Plastic Surgery – The Early Years”

“Plastic Surgery – The McIndoe Years” Air Commodore R F Brown MA FRCS RAF (Retd)

Saturday 26th November

“The Story of Diverticulitis”

“Some more famous operations” Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG

2004 Autumn Programme

Saturday 2nd October 2004

“Quinine, from the Countess of Cinchona to Ronald Reagan” Professor Ewan Anderson: Professor Emeritus of Geopolitics, University of Durham

Saturday 16th October 2004

“Arrow poison to anaesthesia – a brief history of curare”

“History of anatomy” Dr Ann Ferguson: Secretary to the British Society of History of Medicine.

Saturday 30th October 2004

“Colonial Medicine in New Zealand” Professor Ross Laurenson DHMSA. Dean of Postgraduate Medicine, University of Surrey

Saturday 13th November 2004

“Obstetrics practise at Guy’s Hospital in the early 18th century” Dr Sophia Stone DHMSA

“Larrey – What sort of man?” Dr Robert Richardson BM BCh LMSSA

Saturday 27th November 2004

“Cutting for the stone”

“56 Years in the NHS – an old surgeon looks back” Professor Harold Ellis CBE MA DM MCh FRCS FACS FRCOG

2003 Autumn Programme

Saturday 4th October 2003

“Health Care in the English Civil War” Dr Eric Gruber von Arni PhD RGN

Saturday 18th October 2003

“Vesalius to Cheselden – Anatomy in the Renaissance and After” Dr John Ford MB BS DHSMA

Saturday 1st November 2003

“History of British Gastro-enterology” Dr Peter Down FRCP DHMSA

Saturday 15th November 2003

“The Penicillin Story” Professor Harold Ellis CBE DM MCh FRCS

Saturday 29th November 2003

“The Discovery of the Hewson Anatomy School” Dr Brian Owen-Smith

2002 Autumn Programme 

Saturday 5th October 2002

“Surgeon Major Africanus Horton – an African doctor ahead of his time” Professor John Richardson MA FRCGP FRCOM (i)

“History Project for year” Military Ophthalmic Institute of the South Coast.

Saturday 19th October 2002

“Surgery in the Napoleonic Wars” with exbits

“Discussions” Mr Mike Crumplin FRCS Emeritus Consultant Surgeon, Wrexham

Saturday 2nd November 2002

“From Smallpox to No Pox”

“Discussions” Dr Adam Stone MRCP, Consultant Gastroenterologist St Richard’s Hospital.

Saturday 16th November 2002

“Muscles, Madams and Mineral Waters: The Cult of the National Health in France, 1870 – 1914 (Illustrated)

“Discussions” Professor Michael Biddiss, Department of History, University of Reading.

Saturday 30th November 2002

“The Saga of Brucellosis”

“Discussions” Lt Col David Vassalo RAMC

2001 Autumn Programme

Saturday 15th September 2001

“History of the Royal Medical Defence College” Professor John Richardson

“Discussion” Hilary Morris

Saturday 29th September 2001

“Prickard’s Inquisition – an 18th century  inquest” Mr Brian Owen-Smith

 “Using recorded sources, with reference to Dr John Bailey of Chichester” Dr Barbara Ely

Saturday 20th October 2001

“Taking the waters of Tunbridge Wells”

“Un-reseached sources – where is medical history?” Dr John Ford

Saturday 3rd November 2001

“James Barry” Ruth Richardson and Professor Brian Hurowitz

Saturday 17th November 2001

“The Saga of Brucellosis” David Vassalo

“DrJohn Forbes” Dr Mike Nicholls

2000 Autumn Programme 

Saturday 7th October 2000

“Development of General Practice Before and After 1858” Dr John Ford,  President of the Faculty of the History and Philosophy of Medicine and Pharmacy, Society of Apothecaries.

Saturday 21st October 2000

“The Evolution of Clinical Diagnosis and Investigation” Professor Rodney Taylor, Society of Apothecaries.

Saturday 4th November 2000

“The Role of the Professional Historian in Interpreting the History of Medicine” Professor Mike Biddiss, Department of History, University of Reading

Saturday 18th November 2000

“Variations on the Theme – “Death, Dissection and the Destitute”‘ Dr Ruth Richardson PhD, Wellcome Trust for the History of Medicine.

Saturday 25th November 2000

“Tudor Barber Surgeons and Their Practices on the Mary Rose” Joanna Castle BA DHMSA

“Major William Barnsley Allen VC DSO MC – An Enigmatic Death” Professor John Richardson MA MRCGP

1999 Autumn Programme

Saturday 9th October 1999

“The Evolution of Clinical Investigation – Part 1”

”The Society of Apothecaries and the DHMSA” Professor Rodney Taylor, Secretary to the Apothecaries Society

Saturday 16th October 1999

“The Methodology and historiography  of History of Medicine” Dr Brian Owen-Smith FRCP

“The Medical Enlightenment of the 18th Century” Ludmilla Jordanova Professor of Visual Arts, University of East Anglia

Saturday 23 October 1999

“The Role of Professional Historians in interpreting the History of Medicine” Dr Ruth Richardson

Saturday 13th November 1999

“Unravelling the past – researching the first Medical Officer of Hea

Dr Barbara Ely Apothecaries and Chichester Community Health Council

“Using primary source material in historical/medical research”

Tim McCann Chichester Archivist

Saturday 27th November 1999

“The History of Tomorrow – current medical research: maggots and wounds”

Mr Andrew Jarvis FRCS

“The History of Medicine – can it be anything more than academic luxury or is it an essential part of training for the modern healthcare profession?”

Hilary Morris.  Lecturer University College, Chichester Member of the Faculty of History of Medicine.