A new Book in the Library 2019

The Life and Legacy of Dr James Lind

by Professor Ken Shaw

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Presentation of books to the Library at St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester in 2007.


Patrick Pead’s most recent book in the library 

“An addition to the library  is “Benjamin Jesty, Grandfather of Vaccination” by WSHOMS Committee Member Patrick Pead. This was the subject of the last talk of the WSHOMS 2016 season on Saturday 9th December. Both the talk and the book are inspirational and show what good research may achieve with hard work, persistance and the support of one’s family”

2016 ISBN: 9780955156120
Pead P
Benjamin Jesty: Grandfather of vaccination
Publication info: Timefile Books 2016
QW 806

The books are available to be seen in the library at CMEC and if there are any History of Medicine books that you need to give to a good home to they would be appreciated in this library!

The WSHOMS Book Collection is kept in the Dunhill Library, Chichester Medical Education Centre at St Richard’s Hospital, Spitalfields Lane, Chichester PO19 6SE. (01243-831506) [Internal extension 2733]

However the Dunhill Library has significant number of books on different aspects of the history of medicine.  These are listed below.

Members of WSHOMS have access to these books and by identifying yourself and a readers ticket can be issued to give you access to the library during opening hours which are usually 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

A list of the history of medicine books.


2016 ISBN: 9780955156120
Pead P
Benjamin Jesty: Grandfather of vaccination
Publication info: Timefile Books 2016
QW 806

1971 ISBN: 071007221X
Szasz T S
The manufacture of madness: a comparative study of the Inquisition and the mental health movement
Publication info: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1971
WM 9

2011 ISBN: 9780956991003
Hopper B
Better court than coroners: memoirs in a duty of care: volume I
Publication info: PV Publications, 2011
WM 11

1981 ISBN: 0631137157
Doerner K
Madmen and the bourgeoisie: a social history of insanity and psychiatry
Publication info: Basil Blackwell, 1981
WM 11

1990 ISBN: 0880486015
ISBN: 090224132X
Murray R M
Lectures on the history of psychiatry
Publication info: Gaskell, 1990
WM 11

1997 ISBN: 0750912103
Ingram A
Voices of madness: four pamphlets, 1683-1796
Publication info: Sutton Publishing, 1997
WM 11

Ahrenfeldt R H
Psychiatry in the British army in the Second World War
Publication info: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1958
WM 11

1997 ISBN: 0471245313
Shorter E
A history of psychiatry: from the era of the asylum to the age of Prozac
Publication info: Wiley, 1997
WM 11

1991 ISBN: 0902241362
Berrios G E
150 years of British psychiatry, 1841-1991
Publication info: Gaskell, 1991
WM 11

2008 ISBN: 9781904671350
Bewley T
Madness to mental illness: a history of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Publication info: Royal College of Psychiatrists Publications, 2008
WM 11

Rees J R
The shaping of psychiatry by war
Publication info: W.W. Norton, 1945
WM 11

Rollin H R
The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Publication info: Royal College of Psychiatry, 1987
WM 11

1970 ISBN: 0710068468
Dicks H V
Fifty years of the Tavistock Clinic
Publication info: Routledge & KP, 1970
WM 11

2006 ISBN: 041535417X
Crossley N
Contesting psychiatry: social movements in mental health
Publication info: Routledge, 2006
WM 11

1968 ISBN: 0712902112
Conolly J
The construction and government of lunatic asylums and hospitals for the insane
Publication info: Dawsons, 1968
WM 11

2003 ISBN: 1871816483
Gale C
Presumed curable: an illustrated casebook of Victorian psychiatric patients in Bethlem Hospital
Publication info: Wrightson Biomedical Publishing, 2003
WM 11

1961 ISBN: 9780415253857
Foucault M
Madness and civilization: a history of insanity in the age of reason
Publication info: Routledge, 1961
WM 11

1985 ISBN: 0333402502
Laing R D
Wisdom, madness and folly: the making of a psychiatrist: 1927-1957
Publication info: Macmillan, 1985
WM 11

1961 ISBN: 0140210075
ISBN: 0140137394
Goffman E
Asylums: essays on the social situation of mental patients and other inmates
Publication info: Penguin, 1961
WM 27

Hewitt P
Voices of change: The story of the closure of Chichester’s Graylingwell Hospital and the start of a new era in mental healthcare
Publication info: Phil Hewitt, 2001
WM 27

Hopper B C
100 years of sanctuary: Graylingwell Hospital 1897-1997: a social history
Publication info: Barone Hopper, 1997
WM 27

2008, ISBN: 9780954897581
Trimingham A
Out of the shadows: a history of mental health care in Sussex
Publication info: Pomegranate Press, 2008
WM 27

Strong S
Community care in the making: a history of MACA 1879-2000
Publication info: MACA, 2001
WM 30

2005 ISBN: 1870480643
Bell A
Beyond the water towers: the unfinished revolution in mental health services 1985-2005
Publication info: Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 2005
WM 30

2001 ISBN: 0192802666
Porter R
Madness: a brief history
Publication info: Oxford University Press, 2001
WM 100

1993 ISBN: 0412398206
Nolan P
A history of mental health nursing
Publication info: Chapman and Hall, 1993
WM 100

1987 ISBN: 0860688690
Showalter E
The female malady women, madness and English culture 1830 – 1980
Publication info: Virago, 1987
WM 100

2012 ISBN: 9780199585793
Lawlor C
From melancholia to Prozac: a history of depression
Publication info: OUP, 2012
WM 171

1997 ISBN: 1873791844
Atkinson D
Forgotten lives: exploring the history of learning disability
Publication info: BILD, 1997
WM 300

2011 ISBN: 9781409420217
Goodey C F
History of intelligence and “intellectual disability”:|bthe shaping of psychology in early modern Europe
Publication info: Ashgate Publishing, 2011
No Call Number


2012 ISBN: 9781907852138
Cooke M
The Royal West Sussex Hospital: 1784-1995
Publication info: Chichester Local History Society, 2012
WX 11

2006 ISBN: 9781904109099
Brown V
Women’s hospitals in Brighton and Hove
Publication info: Hastings Press, 2006
WX 11

1986 ISBN: 0850336287
Large S E
King Edward VII Hospital Midhurst 1901-1986: the King’s Sanatorium
Publication info: Phillimore, 1986
WX 11

1998 ISBN: 1860770681
Bailey C H
Royal West Sussex NHS Trust
St Richard’s Hospital and the NHS: an oral history
Publication info: Phillimore, 1998
WX 11

Cameron H C
Mr Guy’s hospital 1726 – 1948
Publication info: Longman’s Green and Co, 1954
WX 11

Steer F W
The Royal West Sussex Hospital: the first hundred years: 1784-1884
Publication info: The Chichester City Council, 1960
WX 11

Bailey C H
The Royal West Sussex Trust: a hospital for the millennium: oral history
Publication info: Chichester Film and Video Makers, 1999
WX 11

1998 ISBN: 1857171489
From cradle to grave: fifty years of the NHS
Publication info: King’s Fund 1998
WX 28

2000: ISBN 0349112800
Le Fanu J
The rise and fall of modern medicine
Publication info: Abacus 2000
WX 28

1988: ISBN 0116309423
Webster C
The health services since the war: volume 1: problems of health care: the National Health Service before 1957
Publication info: HMSO 1988
WX 28

1998: ISBN 0192892967
Webster C
The National Health Service a political history
Publication info: OUP, 1998
WX 28

2002: ISBN 019925110X
Webster C
The National Health Service a political history, 2nd edition
Publication info: OUP, 2002
WX 28

2000 ISBN: 074873354X
Leathard A
Health care provision: past, present and into the 21st century, 2nd edition
Publication info: Thornes, 2000
WX 28

2003 ISBN: 9780521819350
Ayliffe G A J
Hospital infection: from miasmas to MRSA
Publication info: Cambridge University Press, 2003
WX 167


Wall C
The London apothecaries
Publication info: The Apothecaries Hall
WZ 1

Royal Society of Medicine (RSM)
Inter-allied conferences on war medicine
Publication info: Staples Press, 1947
WZ 9

1986 ISBN: 0864330138
Kail A C
The medical mind of Shakespeare
Publication info: Williams & Wilkins, 1986
WZ 40

2008 ISBN: 9780955676103
Barnett R
Medical London: city of diseases city of cures: two thousand years of life and death in London
Publication info: Wellcome Trust, 2008
WZ 40

2013 ISBN: 9780199668397
Jackson M
The Oxford handbook of the history of medicine
Publication info: Oxford University Press, 2013
WZ 40

Horder L
Fifty years of medicine: an expanded version of the Harben Lectures delivered at the Royal Institute of public health and hygiene, December 1952
Publication info: Gerald Duckworth, 1953
WZ 40

1982 ISBN: 0801827264
Ackerknecht E H
A short history of medicine
Publication info: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1982
WZ 40

1987 ISBN: 0810980800
Lyons A S
Medicine: an illustrated history
Publication info: Abrams, 1987
WZ 40

1997 ISBN: 0002151731
Porter R
The greatest benefit to mankind: a medical history of humanity from antiquity to the present
Publication info: Harper Collins, 1997
WZ 40

1983 ISBN: 0091522307
Gordon R
Great medical disasters
Publication info: Hutchinson, 1983
WZ 40

1978 ISBN: 0584102941
Camp J
The healer’s art: the doctor through history
Publication info: Frederick Muller, 1978
WZ 40

The Chelsea physic garden
Publication info: Trustees of the Chelsea physic garden, 1983
WZ 40

Sterpellone L
Instruments for health: from origins to yesterday
Publication info: Italy: Farmitalia Carlo Erba, 1986
WZ 40

1977 ISBN: 0582483948
Cartwright F F
A social history of medicine
Publication info: Longman, 1977
WZ 40

Thorwald J
The century of the surgeon
Publication info: Thames and Hudson, 1957
WZ 40

1978 ISBN: 0816493243
Dolan J P
Health and society: a documentary history of medicine
Publication info: N.Y.: Seabury Press, 1978
WZ 40

1969 ISBN: 0876681038
Castiglioni A
A history of medicine
Publication info: N.Y.: Jason Aronson, 1969
WZ 40

Venzmer G
Five thousand years of medicine
Publication info: Macdonald, 1972
WZ 40

1999 ISBN: 1899163476
Richardson R
Medicine through the ages: with Dr Baldassare
Publication info: Quiller Press, 1999
WZ 40

Bratt C
A shared adventure
Publication info: Clive Bratt, 2010
WZ 100

1984 ISBN: 0727901818
British Medical Journal (BMJ)
As you were: VE day – a medical retrospect
Publication info: BMA, 1984
WZ 100

1969 ISBN: 0245599525
Barnard C
Christiaan Barnard : one life
Publication info: Harrap, 1969
WZ 100

2000 ISBN: 1899163603
Larrey: surgeon to Napoleon’s imperial guard
Publication info: London: Quiller, 2000
WZ 100

1973 ISBN: 0443010013
Mair A
Sir James Mackenzie MD, 1853-1925: general practitioner
Churchill Livingstone, 1973
WZ 100

Bourne A
A doctor’s creed: the memoirs of a gynaecologist
Publication info: Victor Gollancz, 1962
WZ 100

Willcox P H A
The detective physician: the life and work of Sir William Willcox 1870 – 1941
Publication info: William Heinemann Medical Books, 1970
WZ 100

1983 ISBN: 0906132053
Tabor R B
Reflections: a subject guide to works of fiction, biography and autobiography on medical and related topics
Publication info: WRLIS, 1983
WZ 100

1983 ISBN: 0710094183
Elliott-Binns C
Too much tenderness: an autobiography of childhood and youth
Publication info: Routledge, 1983
WZ 100

1993 ISBN: 089281781X
ISBN: 9780892817818
Adams P
Gesundheit!: bringing good health to you, the medical system, and society through physician service, complementary therapies humor, and joy
Publication info: Healing Arts, 1993
WZ 100

Mair A
James Mackenzie MD, 1853-1925, General Practitioner
Publication info: RCGP, 1986
WZ 100

Cameron H C
Joseph Lister: the friend of man
Publication info: William Heinemann, 1948
WZ 100

Colebrook L
Almroth Wright: provocative doctor and thinker
Publication info: William Heinemann, 1954
WZ 100

Pemberton J
Will Pickles of Wensleydale: the life of a country doctor
Publication info: Royal College of General Practitioners, 1972
WZ 100

Horder M
The little genius: a memoir of the first Lord Horder
Publication info: Gerald Duckworth & Co, 1966
WZ 100

1996 ISBN: 0850842204
Findlater J
The life of Professor P S Byrne: a career “with bells on”
Publication info: RCGP 1996
WZ 112

1970 ISBN: 0443006814
Robinson R H O B
Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1952-1964
Publication info: RCS, 1970
WZ 112

1981 ISBN: 0272796107
Ross J P
Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1965-1973
Publication info: RCS, 1981
WZ 112

1988 ISBN: 0902166034
Cornelius E H
Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1974-1982
Publication info: RCS, 1988
WZ 112

1995 ISBN: 0902166239
Lyle I
Lives of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1983-1990
Publication info: RCS, 1995
WZ 112

Auld P
Honour a physician by Philip Auld
Publication info: Hollis and Carter, 1959
WZ 305

The acute abdomen in rhyme
Publication info: H K Lewis, 1955
WZ 305


1979 ISBN: 0850453178
Bingham S
Ministering angels
Publication info: Osprey Books
WY 1

Bowman G
The lamp and the book. The story of the RCN 1916-1966
Publication info: Queen Anne Pr., 1967
WY 1

1985 ISBN: 0600500624
Masson M
A pictorial history of nursing
Publication info: Hamlyn Publishers, 1985
WY 11

1978 ISBN: 0721631339
Dolan J A
Nursing in society: a historical
Publication info: Saunders, 1978
WY 11

1979 ISBN: 0856648493
Bullough V
The care of the sick: the emergence of modern nursing
Publication info: Croom Helm, 1979
WY 11

1986 ISBN: 0709939418
ISBN: 0709949464
Baly M E
Florence Nightingale and the nursing legacy
Publication info: Croom Helm, 1986
WY 11

1997 ISBN: 0415138361
ISBN: 0415138353
Rafferty A M
Nursing history and the politics of welfare
Publication info: Routledge, 1997
WY 11

1989 ISBN: 0948910119
Maggs C J
Exploring history: an introduction to nursing’s past
Publication info: Barnet Open Tech Project, 1989
WY 11

1990 ISBN: 0951565508
O’Neill C
A picture of health: hospitals and nursing on old picture postcards
Publication info: Meadow Books, 1990
WY 11

1995 ISBN: 0415101980
ISBN: 0415101972
Baly M E
Nursing and social change
Publication info: Routledge, 1995
WY 11

1978 ISBN: 0853138001
White R
Social change and the development of the nursing profession: a study of the Poor Law Nursing Service 1848-1948
Publication info: Kimpton, 1978
WY 11

1988 ISBN: 0415017866
Dingwall R
An introduction to the social history of nursing
Publication info: Routledge, 1988
WY 11

1980 ISBN: 0856649562
ISBN: 0856649929
Davies C
Rewriting nursing history
Publication info: Croom Helm, 1980
WY 11

1982 ISBN: 0709933207
Smith F B
Florence Nightingale: reputation and power
Publication info: Croom Helm, 1982
WY 11

Edwards-Rees D
The story of nursing
Publication info: Constable Young, 1965
WY 11

1975 ISBN: 0296767712
Huxley E
Florence Nightingale
Publication info: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1975
WY 11
1977 ISBN
Richardson R
Nurse Sarah Anne with Florence Nightingale at Sutari
Publication info:
W 11

1971 ISBN: 0416109004
Manton J
Sister Dora: the life of Dorothy Pattison
Publication info: Methuen, 1971
WY 11

1960 ISBN: 0435320009
Abel-Smith B
A history of the nursing profession
Publication info: Heinemann, 1960
WY 11

1981 ISBN: 0905777190
Hardy G
William Rathbone and the early history of district nursing
Publication info: Hesketth, 1981
WY 11

Two volume set

1980 ISBN: 0443021309
Nightingale F
Notes on nursing: what it is, and what it is not
Publication info: Churchill Livingstone, 1980
WY 11

1980 ISBN: 0443021309
Notes on nursing: the science and the art
Publication info: Churchill Livingstone, 1980
WY 11

2003 ISBN: 0521539099
Shamasani S
Jung and the making of modern psychology: the dream of a science
Publication info: Cambridge University Press, 2003
BF 38

Jones E
The life and work of Sigmund Freud
Publication info: Hogarth Press, 1961
BF 38

Freud S
The standard edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud translated from the German Volumes 1 – XXIII
BF 38

1998 ISBN: 1859470688
Celebrating fifty years of women in the National Health Service
Publication info: NHS Confederation

2009 ISBN: 9780955156113
Pead P
Benjamen Jesty: Dorset’s vaccination pioneer
Publication info: Timefile Books, 2009
QW 806

2012 ISBN: 9780951857496
Lishman S
A history of pathology in 50 objects?
Publication info: Royal College of Pathologists, 2012
QZ 11

1981 ISBN: 0713143738
Trowell H C
Western diseases: their emergence and prevention
Publication info: Edward Arnold, 1981
QZ 40

2003 ISBN: 185775977X
Irvine D
The doctors’ tale: professionalism and public trust
Publication info: Radcliffe, 2003
W 21

2007 ISBN: 9781846190810
Stumberg J P
The foundations of primary care: daring to be different
Publication info: Radcliffe Publishing, 2007
W 84.6

1997 ISBN: 0116916958
Charlton J
The health of adult Britain 1841-1994: volume 1
Publication info: The stationery office, 1997
WA 16

1997 ISBN: 0116916966
Charlton J
The health of adult Britain 1841-1994 volume 2
Publication info: The stationery office, 1997
WA 16

2001 ISBN: 0335208347
Seale C
Medical knowledge: doubt and uncertainty
Publication info: Open University Press, 2001
WA 31

1989 ISBN: 0853744599
Seebohm F
Seebohm twenty years on: three stages in the development of the personal social services
Publication info: Policy Studies Institute, 1989
WA 108

2001 ISBN: 0333901851
Honigsbaum M
The fever trail: the hunt for the cure for malaria
Publication info: Macmillan 2001
WC 11

2001 ISBN: 1899163700
Richardson R
Heart and scalpel: a history of cardiac surgery
Publication info: Quiller, 2001
WG 11
1996 ISBN: 0965303608
Kagarise M J
Legends and legacies: a look inside: four decades of surgery at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1952-1993
Publication info: University of North Caroline, 1996
WO 11
1994 ISBN: 1853152226
Ellis H
Surgical case-histories from the past
Publication info: Royal Society of Medicine Press, 1994
WO 11

1989 ISBN: 0905958691
Atkinson R S
The history of anaesthesia, international congress and symposium series 134
Publication info: Royal Society of Medicine
WO 211

1975 ISBN: 0632001771
Thomas K B
The development of anaesthetic apparatus: a history based on the Charles King collection of the Association of Anaesthetists
Publication info: Blackwell SP, 1975
WO 240

Aveling J H
English midwives: their history and prospects
Publication info: Hugh K Elliott, 1967
WQ 11

1990 ISBN: 0412337401
Tew M
Safer childbirth? b a critical history of maternity care
Publication info: Chapman and Hall, 1990
WQ 11

1982 ISBN: 0702008966
Ferguson I L C
Records and curiosities in obstetrics and gynaecology
Publication info: Bailliere Tindall, 1982
WQ 100

Radcliffe W
Milestones in midwifery
Publication info: John Wright and Sons, 1967
WQ 160

1988 ISBN: 0948667001
Donnison J
Midwives and medical men : a history of the struggle for the control of child- birth
Publication info: Historical Publications, 1988
WQ 160

1986 ISBN: 0631149716
Oakley A
The captured womb: a history of the medical care of pregnant women
Publisher info: Blackwell, 1986
WQ 175

1986 ISBN: 0948917008
Cule J
Child care through the centuries: an historical survey from papers given at the tenth British congress on the history of medicine
Publication info: STS Publishing, 1986
WS 11

2012 ISBN: 9780615591360, 1998
Williams J
50 years of IAOMS: the development of the specialty
Publication info: International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 2012
WU 600

We also hold two bound copies of:
The medical adviser and guide to health and long life
Volume 1 – 28, Volume 30-68
1823 -1825
And a bound copy of:
Outlines of a course of lectures delivered in the medical school of Guy’s hospital by James Curry, 1817
These books are kept in the library office due to their delicate condition.